RLSC’s Services

Rixon Logistic Services Company brings together both the logistic industry’s best standard and superior technology to figure out the most complex logistics challenges throughout Afghanistan and this is the main goal of RLSC’s to deliver extremely effective and efficient services in the most competitive mode to our customers.

Rixon Logistic Services Company offers:

    • Food Supply Services;
    • Supply chain management;
    • Logistic Supply, Transportation service to all over Afghanistan;
    • Supply and delivery of Construction materials;
    • Supply and delivery of fuel (Patrol, Diesel);
    • Supply and delivery of agriculture productsreat
    • Black/gray water removal services;
    • Supply and delivery of Medical Equipment Services;
    • Maintenance/Repairing services;
    • Training and Capacity Building services;
    • Security & Protection services;
    • Supply and delivery of Clean Drinking waters;
    • IT and Electrical equipment services;
    • Warehouses facilities;
    • Custodial and housekeeping services;
    • Supply of Sport equipments;
    • Supply, Delivery and installation of small, medium and large size Generators
    • Tailoring services including Supply of uniforms for both military and civilians
    •     Supply and delivery of vehicles
    • Supply and delivery of Stationary items;
    • Supply and delivery of home equipments and office furniture;
    • We are also supplying different and large size of trucks as per the client’s requirements
    • For each of above listed services; Rixon Logistic Services Company has highly trained and experience personnel who are experts in the field of Logistics and transportation services. They constantly provide creative, innovative and smart solution to any sort of request from client. 


      Our approach for supply and delivery of our services and management chain are completely scalable, which allow us to handle large scale of logistic supply projects and as well as small – middle type of contracts, all with the same type of technology policy we have for project implementation.

      We apply today’s utmost latest leading supply chain technology to bring equal solution in accordance with the needs and wants of clients and in order to meet each client’s needs and achieving their business objectives through providing quality, timely and cost effective services.

      RLSC  has been in business over combined 8 years and we have been supplying and providing services to our clients, custormers and partners with best quality, timly and market focused products. Beside the above mentioned services which we provide; RLSC  has suffient experience and outstanding reach and supply of food & beverages services.


      Fortunately our company today hold one of the best food supplier company position amoung well known companies in the country. As a marketer and supplier of branded foods and beverages for all of our targeted custormers.

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