Construction of K-Span Building Ghormach Faryab Afghanistan

 Contractor Name  Rixon Engineering & Construction Co.
Contractor Address Lane 5, street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan Road, Kabul Afghanista
Contract / Number: W5J9JE-12-C-0098
Contract / TO / PO Dollar Value:   $1,135,000.00USD
Contract / TO / PO Status:


Percent (%) complete and schedule completion date (if active)

Completion date 100% Completed April 2014

Project Title:

Construction of K-Span Building Ghormach Faryab Afghanistan


Location (City and Province)  Faryab Afghanistan
 Project Description:

Construction of 2 Story Afghan National Police Head Quarter Laghaman Province Afghanistan.

  • Construction of Administration building  507m2
  • Construction  of Women Barrack 48m2
  • Construction of Fuel Point
  • Construction   of   20m   high water tower
  • Construction  of  septic  and leach field i. Construction of  security measure ( guard tower, security wall, guard shake, and fence) 
  • Construction of water system, power system and sewer system



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