Introduction to Rixon Logistic

Rixon Logistic Services Company is an Afghan owned Private Logistical services based company founded in late 2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan with the core objectives in mind with provision of top quality Logistical, transportation, general supply, professional services and innovative solutions of the diverse technology for government and other donor agencies throughout the country.

We are specialized in providing  Food Supply services, fuel supply services, black/gray water removal services, agricultural products, IT equipment, construction materials,hah Medical Equipment Services, Maintenance/Repairing and Supply, Training and Capacity Building, Security & Protection, Logistic Supply, Transportation of materials and commodities service to all over Afghanistan, tailoring services including prepare and supply of uniforms for both military and civilians with the highest quality and best prices as per the customer wants, Supply and delivery of vehicles i.e. armored vehicles including 4x4 SUVs, Pickups, Vans…etc, Armored Cars including major American, European and Japanese brands names such as Ford, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes – Benz and many more, supply and delivery of Stationary items, home equipment, office furniture. We are also supplying and leasing different and large size of trucks as per the client’s requirements.

Rixon Logistic Services Company is a legal class of Logistic & Service Company having qualified and skilful management employees, and administration employees with an extensive Logistical services experience record of different national and international organizations. The Board of Director and technical team of Rixon Logistic Services Company is having combined years of Logistic and management experience within the field of specialty. All of our employees can speak English and local language fluently and understand/well aware of local customs and tradition which gives us a clear edge over the other foreign firms working in the area.

Hence, the approach by our experienced and professional team ensures dependable and reliable level of performance and delivers standard services to your entire satisfaction and we are willing and able to serve any sort of your project needs through providing timely completion, quality work and excellent communication.

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