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Construction of (ANA), 209th Corps Shaheen Fuel Farm Expansion

 Contractor Name  Rixon Engineering & Construction Co.
Contractor Address Lane 5, street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan Road, Kabul Afghanista
Contract / Number: W5J9JE-13-C-0002
Contract / TO / PO Dollar Value:  $2,533,175.00 USD
Contract / TO / PO Status:


Percent (%) complete and schedule completion date (if active)

Completion date 100% Completed 15 Feb 2015

Project Title:

Construction of (ANA), 209th Corps Shaheen Fuel Farm Expansion

Primary Contractor

Location (City and Province)   Dehdadi District, Balkh Province, Afghanistan
 Project Description: 209th Corps Shaheen Fuel Farm Expansion: This solicitation is for a firm-fixed price contract to acquire construction services for the Afghan National Army (ANA), 209th Corps Shaheen Fuel Farm Expansion, Dehdadi District, Balkh Province, Afghanistan. This project is defined as the management, planning, design, labor, and equipment, to site adapt and construct all utilities, vehicular access, buildings, force protection measures, site security, and other features as referenced within Provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary to provide two (2) additional 94,500 liter generator fuel tanks in accordance with the requirements provided in Electrical Power shall be installed and commissioned to the new Fuel Oil Unloading Pump Skid, Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Skid, Fuel Oil Heater Skid, outlets and Fuel System Instrumentation Supply of the total 851000 liter   diesel  to fill all the 10 fuel storage tanks




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