Project Management Plan

Of the many construction projects completed or nearly completed by REC, the below listed projects in Kabul & other Provinces show the evidences of quality construction at multiple sites and locations, similar to the project mentioned in the RFP. In general, during the implementation of the projects REC did not face any problems of serious nature hindering the projects or their total stoppage. Some of the usual construction problems and constraints were predicted and avoided such as: Timely availability of professional staff and skilled labor (TCN’s & Local) Timely availability of required equipment’s and tools Timely procurement of required materials and their transportation to the project sites 
The quick availability of labor has been secured by the development of a database recording areas of expertise, residence address, emails and phone numbers of potential Skilled laborers and professional staff as many entries as possible have been made for the same area of expertise aiming at the increased possibility of availability. In addition, competitive salary package and labor wages, timely payments, career development opportunities and conducive working environment (providing the staffs and labors maximum possible facilities and dealing them in fair and respectful manner) have been useful for the attraction and retention of capable staff and highly skilled labor. In  addition,  a  similar  database  has  been  developed to  provide  information about  the  quick availability of required equipment and tools from local, regional and international markets and to record vendors of different materials and relevant information about them as well as those of transport agencies. Each project site has both a site engineer and a supervisor who coordinate to provide quality solutions to the needs that arise. 
REC has considerable experiences in project construction in its own right whereby it has recently expanded and undertaken multiple construction projects. Coordination with relevant government officials is  assured through sharing with them details about the project and working plans, developing joint monitoring plans and extending to them special invitation to visit project sites. Similarly, the issue of security is dealt with by adopting the strategy of keeping low profile, limited travel time, honoring/observing local culture, and using local resources and contacts as much as possible. 
In every case, the strategy adopted for the resolution of problems was based on the principles of being pro-active, having alternative plans, taking timely action, and seeking non-confrontational and negotiation-based solutions.  

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