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Project Management Plan

REC has adhered to the organizational set-up in maintaining smooth flow of communication and operational objective of the company and for the project. 
Contract administrator is being employed to carry out project contract clauses, Prepare agreement/ MoU’s with relevant individuals, authorities and institutions. 
Staff and workers will be supplied as per project requirement.  REC has maintained worker’s data  Bank and generally, local workers within the project site were given priority for work. 
Monthly management meeting is a company milestone to collect all project site reports and decide action on any pending issues, especially regarding external negotiations with community, government or client. Each project site shall develop consolidated reports on works progress, cashflows, schedules, pending issues and recommendations for evaluation. 
All project sites will be continuously monitored on the progress of the work, tracked & resolve construction deficiencies, safety requirements & awareness program and extend support logistically on the needs of the project and the well- being of the workers. 
REC will always ensure that effective working coordination exists among the different departments and subcontractors

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