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Key Personnel

REC is making sure that all the required key personnel for the successful design, management and implementation of the project are available and can meet all the requirements of the project management plan as described above. Most of the skilled and unskilled labor will be Afghan, although some of them are current residents of Pakistan or Dubai, for instance.

 No  Name  Title
 Bord of Directors
 1  Eng. Taj M Omari  Director & CEO
 2  Ahmad Zia Omari  Deputy Director
 3  Abdul Khaliq Ibrahimi  Construction Manager
 Construction Operations
 1  Arnel Amanonce  Project Manager/Designer
 2  Gene Carreon  QC Manager/Designer
 3  Jeffrey Noces  Safety Manager
 4  Lester Noces  Project Scheduler
 1  Eng. Ah Khalid  Civil Site Engineer
 2  Eng. Najib  Civil Site Engineer
3  Shafiqurahman Furqani  Civil Site Engineer
 4  Eng. Sohail  Electrical Site Engineer
 5  Eng. Mohammad Azim  Mechanical Site Engineer
 6  Mohammad Daoud  Camp Manager
 7  Wakil Ahmad  Project Nurse
 8  Agha Jan  Safety Officer
 9  Abdul Razeq Malang Shah  Project Foreman
 10  Abdul Gahffar  Form Work Expert
 11  Mohammd Raffi  Bar Bending/Cutting Expert
 12  Zarif Kamal  Safety Manager
 13  Hamid Samad  Project Engineer
 14  Mohammad Taher  Concrete Mixing Expert
 15  Shir Agha  CMU Block Setter
 16  Mohammad Nasim  Project Manager
 Design and Construction Team
 1  Mr Ezatullah  Architecture
 2  Mr Najeebullah  Site Supervisor
 3  Mr. Hekmat  Civil Engineering (Storm & Sewer)
 4  Mr. Janaqa  Civil Engineering (Roads & Bridges)
 5  Farah Deeba Karimi  Ph.D. in Structural Engineering
 6  TBD  Mechanical Engineering
 7  Mr. Karimi  Electrical Engineering
   Mr M Yonuss Pamir  Office Manager
   Aziz Ahmad  Finance Officer
   Mohammad Massod  General Logistic Officer
   Mohammd Shoiab  General Transport Officer
   Ms. Bermet Ibraeva  Business Development officer
  Jamshed Samadi Liaison Officer


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